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Monday, 5 December 2011

~~1500 As Turning Point~~

Story about innovations and accelerationsin global processes after 1750 were interesting and important, but for the most part they confirmed the durable shifts in global relationships that had development from the 1500s onward. Just as the trans- regional network around 1000 created long - lasting connections and technologies that would not have to be reinvented, so the world systems emerging in the 1500s permanently altered world system. New routes across the Atlantic and Pacific would only grow in significance, confirming the role of the Americas and the Pacific Oceania in global pattern from this point onward.

            The new global period also set up conditions for further change - as had been the case in the earlier reverberations of the trans-regional network. International  companies might readily seek news ways ti increase their profits: it was int the late 18th century, example that manager in the East Idia Company discovered that they could make additional money selling Indian-grown opium to China and ultimately this would contribute to a far reaching change in China's relationship to the global economy.

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